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The Blood Stocks Management Scheme (BSMS) provides valuable material to participants in a variety of formats including reports, presentations, articles and posters. To continue to engage with our users we also produce newsletters.

These newsletters are designed to keep you informed of any important developments within the world of blood stocks, as well as providing snapshots of useful information.

We hope you find them an interesting read and if you or your hospital would like to feature in one of our newsletters, perhaps with a success story, we would like to hear from you. Contact us at

Latest publication

January 2024

BSMS Newsletter - January 2024 (PDF 983KB)

Inventory management resources

The aim of these documents is to provide recommendations on inventory management of blood components within the hospital blood transfusion laboratory setting. The Best Practice Guide outlines the recommendations for hospital laboratories and the audit tools are blank for you to utilise to assess your inventory management practices to guide improvements.

Inventory Management Best Practice Guidance

Inventory Management Best Practice Guide (PDF 1MB)

Inventory Management Audit Tool Record Template (Excel 37KB)

Blood Shortage Alert Inventory Management Guidance

Blood Shortage Alert Support Document (PDF 381KB)

Blood Shortage Alert Inventory Management Audit Tool (Excel 46KB)


January 2024 - BSMS Newsletter - January 2024 (PDF 983KB)

September 2023 - BSMS Newsletter - September 2023 (PDF 690KB)

June 2023 - BSMS Newsletter - June 2023 (PDF 364KB)

March 2023 - BSMS Newsletter - March 2023 (PDF 424KB)

December 2022 - BSMS Newsletter - December 2022 (PDF 298KB)

September 2022 - BSMS Newsletter - September 2022 (PDF 492KB)

May 2022 - BSMS Newsletter - May 2022 (PDF 328KB)


We contribute to publications, which examine issues in blood inventory management.

Recent articles:

Posters and presentations

Various posters the BSMS has presented at national and international meetings including at British Blood Transfusion Society (BBTS) meetings.


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