About the scheme

The Blood Stocks Management Scheme (BSMS) was established to understand and improve blood inventory management across the blood supply chain.

Central to its work is VANESA, the data management system where hospital and blood service data is submitted. In return, participants can view real time data and charts. The BSMS has a large bank of data on the blood supply chain and has detailed knowledge of its various elements.

BSMS is funded by the three UK Blood Services via the UK Transfusion Forum:

NHSBT currently hosts BSMS and provides resources such as office space, and services such as IT, human resources and finance support.

BSMS consists of the BSMS team, the steering group and the operations group.

Joining the scheme

Participation in the scheme is voluntary, to register with the scheme you must work within a hospital supplied by one of the following blood services or for the blood service itself:

  • NHS Blood and Transplant
  • Welsh Blood Service
  • Northern Ireland Blood Transfusion Service

If you are interested in joining the scheme, please email bsms@nhsbt.nhs.uk and we will get in contact with you.

Alternatively you can self-register (using your work email address) to join the scheme from the VANESA log in page

Join the scheme

If you're interested in joining the scheme, please email bsms@nhsbt.nhs.uk