How we work

Steering group

The BSMS steering group was established in 2002 to provide professional ownership and strategic direction for the BSMS. It monitors the performance of BSMS and is accountable to the UK Forum, through the BSMS manager, for the use of resources and management of the budget.

Download the steering group terms of reference (PDF 384KB)

Operations group

The BSMS operations group are the ‘user advocates’ for the BSMS, and are responsible for bringing the views of the area (geographical or professional) which they represent and in turn seeking endorsement from their colleagues for any BSMS major initiatives/developments.

The BSMS Manager works with the BSMS Lead Specialist and the BSMS operations group to develop themes for the annual educational meetings/workshops.

Download the operations group terms of reference (PDF 495KB)

Information governance

This document outlines the information governance arrangements to be adopted by the BSMS to ensure the ongoing appropriate access to, and use of, the data acquired through and held within the BSMS data management system.

Download the information governance arrangements (PDF 195KB)

Code of conduct

The BSMS code of conduct sets out the professional standards required as a condition of participation in the BSMS. It outlines the obligations and responsibilities of the BSMS, hospital and blood service participants.

Download the code of conduct information (PDF 132KB)