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    Welcome to BSMS

    The Blood Stocks Management Scheme was established in 2001 to understand and improve blood inventory management across the blood supply chain. Hospitals and Blood Services from the UK and Republic of Ireland are currently participating in the scheme.

    Central to our work is VANESA, a data management system, where hospital and blood service data is collected. In return participants can view real time data and charts.

    2018 Annual Roadshows: O D Negative; Here today, gone tomorrow!

    Presentations from the 2018 Roadshows can be found here.

    Following on from the workshops held at the 2018 Roadshows, we have created some ‘Learning Points’ to assist laboratory staff with the inventory management and use of O D Negative red cells. The 2018 Roadshows – Workshop Learning Points can be found here.

    Updated Platelet Stock Algorithm
    April 2018

    The Platelet Stock Algorithm has been updated with the information collated from the A Negative platelet survey to include advice on the specification of emergency platelet stock and a decision making guide as to whether to stock platelets
    Annual BSMS Report 2017/18

    The annual report below summarises the Blood Supply Chain in 2017/18 and provides recommendations for good practice.

    Hospital / NHSBT report

    Hospital / NIBTS report

    Hospital / WBS report

    Where do A Negative platelets go?
    Analysis of the A Negative platelet survey was completed and the findings and recommendations were presented at the 2017 BSMS Annual Roadshows.

    A poster was also presented at the 2017 BBT Annual Scientific Meeting in Glasgow during September 2017.
    Supported by the UK Blood Services
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