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    Welcome to BSMS

    The Blood Stocks Management Scheme was established in 2001 to understand and improve blood inventory management across the blood supply chain. Hospitals and Blood Services from the UK and Republic of Ireland are currently participating in the scheme.

    Central to our work is VANESA, a data management system, where hospital and blood service data is collected. In return participants can view real time data and charts.

    What's New?
    VANESA 4 coming soon

    Vanessa 4 will be launched shortly - Date to be confirmed. A training manual will be issued prior to go live but we think anyone who has used OBOS or Amazon will have no problems at all. The new version will also include Frozen products. For more information click here

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    Latest Publications
    18 January 2014
    BSMS Report from Annual Roadshows - Red Cells for Emergency Use

    A document has been produced with some guidelines from the Annual Roadshows held in 2013. A PDF copy is available here
    Re-registration Exercise 2014

    In November, BSMS will be undertaking a re-registration exercise to ensure your hospital's details are still correct. This will ensure you can benchmark your "Frozen" practices with similar specialities.

    2014 Annual Roadshow

    BSMS had 3 successful roadshows in London, Filton and Sheffield. The topics covered included Apheresis vs pooled platelets, frozen products of the future and some feedback from the frozen survey. The workshops lead to some interesting debates about the way these products are ordered and used. We will be producing a report that we will be distributing to all BSMS participants. The presentations are now available click here

    Supported by the UK Blood Services