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    Welcome to BSMS

    The Blood Stocks Management Scheme was established in 2001 to understand and improve blood inventory management across the blood supply chain. Hospitals and Blood Services from the UK and Republic of Ireland are currently participating in the scheme.

    Central to our work is VANESA, a data management system, where hospital and blood service data is collected. In return participants can view real time data and charts.

    Annual Roadshows: "Suppy Chain Challenges"

    Two roadshows have been held so far, one in Birmingham which was very well attended and one in London. The main objectives of the meetings were to describe the challenges in obtaining the right group donors at the right time at the right place and the process once we have collected their donations, so that the importance of managing stock well is fully understood. The workshops were an opportunity to analyse the detailed information that VANESA can provide.

    A further roadshow is being planned with the Welsh Blood Service in Wrexham, North Wales which will also include a visit to the newly opened stock holding unit there.

    A full report on the roadshows with some recommendations will be available in the autumn.

    The presentations from Birmingham and London have now been uploaded, please follow this link.
    New Reports
    25 July 2016
    With VANESA4 fully in use now, we have redesigned the hospital quarterly reports. These analyse your hospital's issues and wastage and compare your hospital with your usage group peers, with your regional colleagues and shows the overall national figures. They can be printed off from VANESA and shown at local HTC meetings to demonstrate how well your hospital is performing. Follow this link to see how to access your reports and how to interpret them.
    Group O- RBC Survey

    Earlier this year we issued NHSBT hospitals with a list of 10 O D negative adult red cell numbers that had been issued to their hospital in the previous months. We asked hospitals to provide some details of who had received the unit and why (clinically). The WBS performed a similar survey with their hospitals. We had over 100 replies and the results are available here.

    We are producing a poster for this year's BBTS at Harrogate, so come and have a look if you are attending.

    Next planned survey
    The survey planned for later this year follows the O- survey but will look at platelets. NHSBT of the 4 BSMS reporting Blood Services issues steadily increasing numbers of A- platelets. We’d like to see which types of patients these are being transfused to, and when.

    This will be distributed in the autumn.

    Supported by the UK Blood Services